The interface between things is where the most interesting events take place. These are often the most valuable, diverse and productive elements in the system.
–David Holmgren

Mixtape cover photo


Akkezdet Phiai — Budapesmód

Akkezdet Phiai produces fine quality hiphop music from Hungary. They are commercial yet underground. They are popular yet candid. Their lyrics is poetry. Budapesmód is about what makes Budapest what it is.

Although I’m a native Hungarian, I never really dug the work of Akkezdet Phiai. I started to pay attention to them more carefully only after I moved abroad and wanted to reflect on what Hungarian contemporary music is like. This song expresses my mixed feelings towards a city where I grew up and gave me shelter and protection for maybe too long.

Tomorrow’s Children — Bang Bang Rock Steady

I was in hunt for reggae songs that I would enjoy listening nowadays. For some reason, there are not that many actually. This one has such a great riddim though.

Horace Andy — Spying Glass

I listened to Horace Andy a lot while picking trash on the coast of Fuerteventura. Man, trash was everywhere. We are everywhere. They are everywhere.

Santana — Lovers From Another Time

I had a high school mate that loved Santana. I remember him praising how great guitar player Carlos Santana was. He made me listen to quite a lot to Santana actually. I never really got a hung of their music. Maybe that I’m currently learning Spanish and became more open to this corner of the world. I discovered that Santana has this new song and I really enjoyed listening to it fucking loud in the car while driving through the desert. By that way, I didn’t know they were from San Francisco. Absolutely makes no sense.

Chica Libre — The Hungry Song

I was introduced to cumbia by Andres, a dear Chilean friend of mine at the time living in Budapest. I kept digging this hole ever since then. I’m a fond of Peruvian psychedelic cumbia by now. Imagine if this was your roots. Boom!

Dick Dale — The New Victor

After riding the waves of Cotillo, I feel like I’m officially allowed now to enjoy some bad ass surf rock. I love the songs of Dick Dale so much. Incredibly powerful yet easy going. I encountered their music back in Epicentrum times and come back to these songs whenever I'm low on tribal energy.

Colorstar — Six Steps On The Moon

Colorstar was my gateway drug to space rock. There was a summer when I went to almost all the open air music festivals to enjoy their concerts. I can’t really relate to the music they make recently but Heavenicetrip! was a great chapter of my life. I danced so much to their music.

Óperentzia feat. Dorombal — Cobaka

I have a side project for myself for a couple years now to compile a mixtape of songs produced by Hungarian bands that would describe Hungarian music to non-Hungarian friends. I’ve been struggling with this project ever since then. This very mixtape yet features some local bands that I really appreciate. This song is a beautiful fusion of traditional folk vibes and tribal electronica.

Lucrecia Dalt — Tar

I guess I needed some sort of bridge here. Mind the edge!

Coppe’ feat. Luna 9 & Hilothoshi — Golden Crushes

I have no idea how I found this music. Anyways, there was this Georgian documentary about skaters that I watched recently. When the earth seems to be light.

Kristen Barry — Ordinary Life

I really like the soundtracks of Cruel Intentions. Reminds me of the house party where we watched this movie together with high school friends.

Club De Surf — Now

Pure rock from Chile.

Zone Six — Acidic

Krautrock ist nicht gestorben!

Prodigy — No Good
The Bucketheads — The Bomb!

I listened to these two songs a lot back in date. Radio played them a lot. Clubs played these songs a lot. Fuck, these songs were really a hit back then. I put them here so that I can let them go to make space for something else.

Westbam feat. Richard Butler — You Need The Drugs

Tschüssi Berlin!